Anna Pollock

United Kingdom

Founder of Conscious. Travel

Anna Pollock, founder of Conscious. Travel, has a 45 years’ experience in the tourism field as an independent consultant, strategist, speaker and change agent. Her clients include the Canadian Tourism Commission, PATA, the European Travel Commission, the Australian Export Tourism Council, Tourism Tasmania, Innovation Norway, Visit Flanders, Rotterdam Partners and the Industry, Conservation and Tourism department of New Zealand. Winner of the Visionary of the Year Prize in Canada, Anna has made a fundamental work in many aspects of tourism, especially in education, sustainability and technology. During the 1990’s, Anna became a thought leader regarding the strategic implications of the Internet; she created the first tourism strategy based on Internet for Scotland and co-developed one of the first management systems for multipurpose destinations.

Her strength is her ability to foresee the “general outlook” of things, to ask “difficult” questions and to help others to understand our dramatically changing world.

Her current passion is to help hosts and visitors to flourish in the middle of a turbulent and uncertain change period in which many traditional commercial models have been interrupted. In the past few years she has focused on researching emerging alternative models for the tourism sector that allow us to migrate from extraction to regeneration and to achieve better yields with lower impact.



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United Kingdom
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Conferencista 01 Anna Pollock
Conferencista 01 Anna Pollock
Conferencista 01 Anna Pollock
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