David G Simmons

New Zealand

Emeritus Professor (Tourism))

David retired from his tourism professor position in Lincoln University in June 2020 and is now a permanent member of the faculty as emeritus professor. From 2008 to 2010 he directed the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre of Australia and is now president of the Global Research Institute of EarthCheck.

During his 40 years in University, he directed 3 important research programmes in New Zealand such as “Tourism flows and management and their impact and "Improving financial, economic and sustainable performance of tourism”. More recently, Stafford and Associates hired him to reframe the Management Plan of Destinations in South Island and Arthurs Pass (SHW73). Under his leadership, Lincoln University established the research centre "Sustainable tourism for regions, landscapes and communities”, making the Waitaki region its main case study area. On the international level, he work in international tourism programmes (planning and governance) in Cambodia (WWF), Mauritius (PNUD), Niue and Vanuatu (UNWTO/PNUD), Nepal (ITTO, MFAT & WWF), India (WWF), Sarawak (E. Malaysia), North Korea (UNWTO) and Azores (Portugal). He is member of the International Academy of Tourism Studies and of the Tourism and Hospitality Educators Council of Australasia (CAUTHE).

In 2020, David received the Sir Jack Newman prize, established in 1963, which honours the tourism industry’s leaders who have accomplished an outstanding service for the tourism sector, including a substantial level of personal involvement beyond what is normally expected.

David is an enthusiast of the Southern Seas islands and has practised trekking and ski locally for years. He worked as a nature interpreter in Mount Cook in the mid-1980’s. He spends his time keeping fit and participating in consultancy and lectures.



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