Francisco Peyret García


Director of Environment and Sustainability of San Miguel de Allende

Director of Environment and Sustainability of the Municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Gto, México

From 2009 to 2018 I worked as an external consultant for the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation: technical assistance directed to government entities and their contractors in the development of management plans related to the Framework of environmental and social safeguards. With the IDB, Inter-American Development Bank: as an external consultant for the socioeconomic analysis and evaluation of payments for environmental services in the states of Oaxaca, Yucatán and Campeche, Mexico. In addition to collaboration in the development of the Social and Environmental Management System for construction companies linked to projects supported by the Inter-American Investment Corporation of the IDB.

Consultancy for FMCN (Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature), CONANP (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas) and GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit: Socio-economic studies, innovative productive projects, social management plans and public consultations for hydrological basins and protected natural areas in Mexico (14 hydrological basins and 14 protected natural areas).



Slide Founder of Conscious.
United Kingdom
Spenceley Independent consultant Papua New Guinea
Co-founder & CEO -LINE TRAVEL jp & Trip101 Japan
Natalia Bayona Innovation, Education and Investments Department UNWTO Rogerio Basso Tourism leader in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) for IDB Invest BID Invest Simone Venturini
Responsible Tourism Advisor of the Venice Commune Italy
Author and documentary maker in sustainability Dominican Republic
David G Simmons President of the EarthCheck Global Research Institute New Zealand Rosaura Cuevas ADAPTUR project Mexico CARLOS MARÍN Director and Founder of Alltournative Mexico Fernando Mandri Fundador de INTEGRA México Sergio Rodríguez Vicepresidente Américas
Organización Internacional de Turismo Social
ISTO Américas
Verónica Gómez
Americas Director
International Organization for Social Tourism
ISTO Americas
Vicente Ferreyra

Fundador de Sustentur México
Staropolsky STA Consultants Mexico
González General Director of Sustainable Tourism Planning, SECTUR Mexico
Daniela Aguilar German Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Mexico (GIZ) Mexico Douglas Thompson Black Orchid Resort Belice Edgar González Environment, Energy and Resilience Programs Officer Mexico Eugenio Gobbato Hacienda
Fabián Trejo Regional Advisor ADAPTUR Mexico Francisco Peyret Director of Environment and Sustainability of San Miguel de Allende Mexico Héctor Alafita Alafita and Associates Mexico Juan Álvarez Secretary of Tourism of the Government of the State of Guanajuato Mexico Liliana García Director of Programs, Amigos de Sian Ka’an, AC Mexico Lucía Ruiz Biodiversity and Financing Coordinator, WWF Mexico Mexico Lyn Santos Corporate Sustainability Sr Manager, Karisma Resorts de México Mexico Marcio Rivera Association Pro Tourist Communities of Honduras Honduras M Elena Martínez Executive President, Conservation of the Mexican Insular Territory, AC Mexico María Ortiz Secretary of the Environment and Territorial Planning of Guanajuato Mexico Mariana Pérez AFEET Mexico Ramiro Batzin Central American Indigenous Council Guatemala Reynaldo Bretón Cancun
Tiahoga Ruge Kuxatur Project Coordinator, UNDP Mexico


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Conferencista 22 Francisco Peyret García
Conferencista 22 Francisco Peyret García
Conferencista 22 Francisco Peyret García
Conferencista 22 Francisco Peyret García
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